Ie9ey Convince Pa Judge Lift No Contact

How can I convince the Pa and judge to lift a no contact order? I am trying to tell them that I was the one causing the disruption that day and not him! I was under the influence and he was only trying to leave. I kept trying to hold him from leaving and Im the one that caused the tiny mark on my cheek. Not him. My glasses went to fall…from me lunging toward him…and I shoved them back onto my face too hard. I caused my family a lot of pain due to this. I have gathered a lot of documents to prove things do you think they’ll help? I got a statement from my treatment program showing that I started only a few days after this incident and have had clean screens every week since, former neighbor statements of how we had never gotten into any altercations to their knowledge…we have been together 17 years and this is the first time that the cops have ever been called…I have a few character statements on his behalf, I have a letter stating I started therapy right after the incident, I took the requested domestic violence course recommended by the PA and VA, I’ve requested to speak directly to the PA but they aren’t available to do so until another few weeks after court so that isn’t helpful, is there anything else that could be helpful?? Thanks so much.

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