Ieae2 Rented Place June 2020 Ohio Company

I rented a place from June 2020 in Ohio with a company called Elon Management (
The first year, I signed a 12-month lease, after that contract expired I signed a 6-months lease for the same place, which expired on 11/30/2021.
I don’t know if this makes any difference, but the number that the company provided for the customer (tenant) service was almost never answered. The same goes for any maintenance that was requested.
Since I was planning on moving by the end of the lease, I gave a 2-month notice (by the end of September), as requested by them. However, because I had to relocate to Massachusetts for a new job, I ended up leaving on October 23rd (instead of the end of November).
On the day I was leaving I met a person who said he was moving in on the following day. I met him by chance – the company did not mention that they had found someone else.
When the company tried to charge me the following month’s rent. I told them that I knew that there was someone else living there already, and they removed the charge.
Now they have set on my account a charge for an early settlement fee, which basically amounts to a month worth of rent (and the amount was not specified on the lease I signed)/
I have tried contacting them about this (via phone and email). but as I previously mentioned they do not respond.
I was wondering if, given that there is someone else already renting the place (we even overlapped the last week of October), does the company has the right to charge me for this “early settlement” fee?

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