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25 M – For the last year I have struggled on and off with constipation and urinary issues, such as a slight pain in my penis after urination, occasional cloudy urine, and discomfort in my testicles and groin area after urination or ejaculation. There have been a handful of time where I have peed and it has looked very white powdery at the end, and then I have found dried white powder in my underwear after this.Symptoms seem to improve after a bowel movement, and improve with increased water intake.I went to the ER with abdominal pain in April, where they conducted X-ray and urine test. Everything came back normal except a high PH of urine (9.0) but they did not say this was an issue.I just recently took multiple at home UTI tests over a couple of days and all were negative.Any suggestions or ideas?

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