In Canada, we no longer have a Ministry for the Status of Women. It was dismantl

In Canada, we no longer have a Ministry for the Status of Women. It was dismantled by a conservatice government. In 2018, a Ministry for Women and Gender Equality was resurrected. It seems that women’s equality is a fragile quest, in our country. After understanding the reading for this week, answer three questions: 1. What is the goal of the article? 2. In your opinion, what is the most important outcome of your reading for this week? Please offer a reason for your choice in your reading assessment. 3. How would you cite the study?Further more having a small summary of understanding the article creating a new topic for the essay about the article and site the articleWhat to look out forTitle and Mechanics (20%):The first few lines of your upload contain all your relevant information (name, student number, upload date, word count, course number, session, assignment question). Total length of answer is not more than ~ ½ page or 200 words. You have a new title in your answer that you thought of yourself, which is not stated as a question (no question marks). You are creative and remain academic.Maximum score20Grammar and Style (20%):You pay attention to proper verb tenses, sentence structure and spelling. Punctuation is correct. Assignment is proofread. Reading assessment is clearly phrased without awkward wording. Terms are used correctly, ideas are clearly transmitted. Student avoids sexist, racist or other unprofessional “three Cs” (colloquial language, clichés and contractions). Paper avoids repetitive wording and phrasing. Quotes are used appropriately and sparingly to occasionally illustrate a point. Quotes have been integrated properly into the text with regard to both grammar and the flow of the discussion.Maximum score20Organization (20%):Your answer is organized: Points flow logically. Arguments build logically onto each other. Paragraphing is done well (3 sentences minimum). Attention is paid to topic sentences and transition sentences in body paragraphs. Points are backed up and illustrated.Maximum score20Description, Application (40%)Student lists two or three important key descriptors and combines important factors from the reading for that week. Student defines key issue and and shows how the reading for that week informs their choice of issues. Student offers an insightful answer to the thesis/question that is posed in the description of the assignment and their answer shows that the material has been studied. The student makes connections between key concepts in the reading and their answer(s) to the question(s). They demonstrate comprehension of both the reading and associated key concept.Maximum score40the link to the article is below and also i uploaded the article for you as well

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