Length: Each research paper must be at least 7 (full) typed double spaced pages,

Length: Each research paper must be at least 7 (full) typed double spaced pages, not counting any introductory discussion / abstract, or reference page. Print font must not be larger than 12 pitch with all margins no larger than one inch.References: Additionally, the student will be required to demonstrate his/her internet search ability by presenting at least six (6) acceptable internet references which relate to the topic. References must come from the internet and listed following the end of the paper (additional to the length noted above) in web-page format and presented as a link to the internet. The reference must be able to be viewed so only links that go directly to the chosen article will be accepted. Although you may want to review on-line dictionaries, encyclopedias, or your text, they will not count in the six. Blogs, unsigned “articles”, or web-site homepages are not acceptable sources and will not be counted. Your reference note must go directly to the article you have chosen to use in your paper.Each reference should be submitted using the following format:Author’s last name, first name (or initials), year the work was written (posted to the internet), title of work, Internet source (in italics), URL (web page address- i.e. https:website.com)Text Citations:Within the body of the paper enter the citation (for a direct or indirect quote) in the following manner:Author’s last name.If more than one reference is from the same author:Author’s last name, date of posting (or title of work)Grading:The paper will be graded on the following: [50 marks]CONTENT -30 marks Content RubricINTRODUCTION introduction focus of the paper 2 marksREFERENCE PAGE in addition to the body of the paper 3 marksDISCUSSION 20 marksTHEORY/CONCEPTS application of theory and concepts of social work as it applies 3 marksSUMMARY/CONCLUSIONS summarize discussion 2 marksGRADING RUBRIC LENGTH: 10 marks Length Rubric5 marks 6 marks 7 marks 8 marks 9 marks 10 marksless than 3but at least 23 pages 4 pages 5 pages 6 pages 7> pagesREFERENCES: 10 marksReference Rubric6 marks 7 marks 8 marks 9 marks 10 marks -2 if citations2 with correct citations 3 with correct citations 4 with correct citations 5 with correct citations 6 with correct citations are not correctPoints50Assignment:Complete a sociological review (applying one of the sociological perspectives) of a movie of your choosing. Examples of some excellent films for this purpose are Who Framed Roger Rabbit?; The Hobbit, The Lord of the Flies; Soylent Green; or Casablanca. There are many other films that will work, but make sure that you are presenting a sociological review, not a psychological, historical, or economic review. This is not just a ‘step by step” description or “book/movie report” of what happens in the movie, however. As part of your introduction- the first page, you must explain why you have chosen the particular sociological perspective, as opposed to the other perspective. Once you have chosen your perspective discuss your film apply this perspective. To assist you in your discussion you will want / need to present some of the underlying principles of your perspective and demonstrate how it applies to your chosen film.In writing your paper, remember, this is not a book report” format. You are reviewing the movie from a sociological perspective, the concepts and principles of sociological thought. I would be helpful to give a very very brief synopsis of the film, but this needs to be brief.Several months ago I watched an excellent movie, Minari and want to share some thoughts about this film, to assist you when choosing you film and framing the discussion. Minari is about a South Korean family who move from California to rural Arkansas. They left South Korea “for a better life” and, when living in California, worked at a chicken “sexing” plant. The husband, wanting a better life for his family, moved the family to rural Arkansas so that he could farm, producing Korean vegetables for market.Sociological themes in this movie include: urban vs rural society, cultural clashes, religious tolerance vs discrimination and religious differences and internal cultural dynamics…. In addition, issues in the film highlight internal family dynamic issues, family communication, and gender bias. These family dynamics are social-psych, but are acceptable within the framework of our assignment.

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