THE TOPIC I WANT YOU TO TALK ABOUT IS : 2 MOST FAVORABLE SOCIAL CUSTOMS IN THE ARAB WORLD, AND 2 LEAST FAVORABLE SOCIAL CUSTOMS. THE TWO FAVORABLE CUSTOMS ARE GOING TO BE : 1- ALOT OF FAMILY GATHERINGS. 2- RESPECT OF ELDERLIES. THE 2 LEAST FAVORABLE : 1- THE EVIL EYE IN THE MIDDLES EAST. 2- PAYING ALOT OF MONEY FOR WEDDINGS IN KUWAIT. A research proposal is a document that articulates your research question, discusses why it is important, and provides a methodology that you will use to answer your question. Most research proposals also have a tentative schedule showing different dates by which different components of your research must be ready. In this assignment however you are not required to provide a schedule. Your research proposal must contain the following components: Working title: You must have a title that indicates the question that you are investigating. An example of a working title for our course theme could be: “There should be limits to freedom of speech”. Research questions (what question): state your research or a series of questions clearly. As you move forward in your research you will be able to answer them. Do not be surprised if your initial research question has changed as you work through your project. Working Thesis: Write out your WORKING thesis. Remember, a thesis statement (major claim for your paper) contains two main parts: a limited topic plus a specific focus. It is a statement that demands “Prove it!” This doesn’t mean, however, that you will look for information that only supports your thesis. In fact, information that challenges your thesis is as important. The idea is that a working thesis will help you focus, but remember that your working thesis will change as you encounter and incorporate various ideas and sources in your research. Background: Explain your interest in this particular topic. Describe any previous research you’ve done around this or related topics, or any classes you’ve taken on this topic, or any reading you may have already done in this area. Describe your topic’s history, controversial issues, current perspectives, and define any key terms (use credible sources, not Wikipedia). Significance: Explain why this topic is worth considering, or why this question or series of questions is worth answering. Why is this particular topic of inquiry relevant to this course? What do you hope to learn from it? What new knowledge might your research add to your classmates’ and your instructor’s understanding? What new perspective might you bring to the topic? Methodology: Explain how you will conduct your research in as much detail as possible. Discuss the kinds of sources you hope to consult, e.g., scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals, travel magazine articles, commercial websites, newspaper or magazine articles, government tourism websites, blogs, and so on. Remember that this is a tentative plan. Divide your Methodology section into 2 subsections: primary & secondary sources. Organize your possible source materials into the appropriate subsection. You may revise your types of source material as you do your research:

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