Other suggested essay topics: 1.Robotics in Healthcare: The future of Robots in

Other suggested essay topics:1.Robotics in Healthcare: The future of Robots in Medicine2. The future of medical robotics3. How Robots are redefining the HealthcareI have attached discussion essay requirements from my college. Following are the highlights from the document.Main things needed in the essay are an Introduction, body paragraph, a conclusion and a reference section at the end of all documents including the URL of the article used in the essay.The introduction to your discussion essay will probably contain a single specialized paragraph with the following components:1. Hook;2. Introduction to the general subject narrowing down to the specific topic;3. Thesis statement.The purpose of the hook is to draw the reader in, to engage the reader, to grab his or her attention.The hook should transition to a concise introduction to the topic of the essay. The introduction to the topic typically moves from general to specific. Finally, and most importantly, end the introduction with a thesis statement. The thesis statement is never a question but a statement.First body paragraph will probably provide all the background information needed about the specific topic so that the reader can follow the support you provide for your thesis statement in the paragraphs that follow.A conclusion wraps up the essay by summarizing the main points and restating the thesis.

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