Pick two of the three questions and write a 4-5 page paper (2-2.5 pages per ques

Pick two of the three questions and write a 4-5 page paper (2-2.5 pages per question) in a Microsoft Word document (12 point font double spaced). Please number your answers, write in paragraphs, and upload here. You must use your own words. Those who plagiarize will receive a 0. Please note my policy in the syllabus.Discuss the official political landscape from the immediate post-World War I era to the early 1950s. Which president during this period was the most liberal? Who was the most conservative? Who was especially moderate (neither conservative nor liberal; or someone with features of both)? Who do you think was the most successful president? How do you define “success?” Illustrate your points with specific examples.Did conditions for Americans improve or worsen from the post-World War I period to the early 1950s? Did everyone, including women, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and members of the working class experience progress? How about business leaders? Illustrate your points with specific examples from your readings. Make sure to address all parts of this question.Focusing on the period from 1919 to the early 1950s, describe the nature of American anti-communism. How was the first red scare different from the second? Should we even talk about different periods of anti-communism? Perhaps you see similarities between these two red scares. Do you see more continuity or change between the two? When do you think official anti-communism was most successful? Provide specificexamples from your readings.

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