REFERENCE :Sociology:A Down to Earth Approach,14e Book link- https://console.pea

REFERENCE :Sociology:A Down to Earth Approach,14eBook link- Chapter 16 of your textbook and the videos presented on Blackboard, the institutions of marriage and the family are presented in detail. When looked at from a sociological perspective, these concepts reveal much more understanding into why our courtship rituals and our families are structured in its current form.In your discussion posting, first:1) Apply this chapter’s contents to your own life experience with the institutions of marriage and the family. What social factors affect your family life? In what ways is your family life different from that of your grandparents?2) Have social media and internet dating sites transformed the courtship process? In what ways? What social factors might explain the rise in usage of dating sites (Match, Bumble, Hinge, Tinder etc) and social media as a tool to seek out love, romance, sex and companionship?

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