RESPONSE on Discussion post, 200 words Respond to your colleague , offering addi

RESPONSE on Discussion post, 200 wordsRespond to your colleague , offering additional/alternative ideas regarding opportunities and risks related to the observations shared.Main Post Healthcare Information Technology TrendsHealthcare technology trends enable patients to be more engaged with their providers, access care more efficiently, and be better informed about their overall health. The ability to provide better healthcare is the number one benefit of using telehealth, as the quality and timeliness of information are improved (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2022).One trend in healthcare technology is the use of wearable devices to track various health data elements, such as steps, oxygenation, and even abnormal heart rhythms. Innovations such as the Apple Watch, an FDA class-2 medical device, can assist physicians in screening and monitoring patients (Basza et al., 2021). I witnessed this quite frequently when working with cardiologists, as people would use the ECG function on their watch or rely on the alerts that their heart was in an abnormal rhythm. While undoubtedly helpful, it also comes with challenges. Some people become too reliant on these devices, often ignoring symptoms because their device isn’t alerting them to an abnormality. Additionally, false positives can cause undue anxiety and can cause unnecessary ER visits, driving up health costs (Raja et al., 2019).One potential benefit associated with data safety, legislation, and patient care for wearables is the ease at which information can be obtained. Not only for the patient, but many physician offices allow information from these devices to be transmitted directly to their office systems, so they can review them expediently, keeping patients safer. However, a potential risk to this is the ability for information to be hacked. Wearables contain a lot of personal and health information, and in the wrong hands, this information could be used maliciously. Moreover, HIPAA covers information created by or on behalf of healthcare providers and health plans, so these protections do not cover information created by a device or transferred to a device.I believe telemedicine is the most promising healthcare trend impacting healthcare technology in nursing practice because it can be used to promote patient wellness, assess patients, and provide care in remote or disadvantaged settings (Rutledge & Gustin, 2021). Not only does this mean potential problems can be identified sooner, which can contribute to better outcomes, but nurses’ time can be managed more efficiently, such as home health nurses, who could check on more patients without having to drive to see them, unless information obtained in a telehealth visit suggested a more in-depth visit was warranted.

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