Response paper. Write one page (no more), single-spaced, size-12 font, and subm

Response paper. Write one page (no more), single-spaced, size-12 font, and submit it by Friday at 11:59 pm.In the first part of the response paper, summarize the article by Thomas Dye (1996). Rosewood, Florida: the destruction of an African American community. The Historian, 58(3), 605-622. (Attached document will be below to read)In the second part, write what questions you still have for the author(s) or about the subject and a short reflection on why do you think those are important to ask. This section must include concepts such as race, racism, racial inequality, prejudice, discrimination, etc, you should use at least 3 concepts in your questions and reflections. Students sometimes struggle with the questions section of response papers because the questions require more of your own original thinking but remember to root your questions in the reading and that might help.After writing your page, be sure to thoroughly edit your response paper. Since you don’t have a lot of space, you might also have to edit it down to the essentials. It should be more formal than your discussion posts. You should go through at least a couple of drafts to make it concise and strong.Required citation style: ASAHow to use this citation style:

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