Social media has become almost as much a part of society as society itself. If y

Social media has become almost as much a part of society as society itself. If you ask the right person, it may be as important as the air they breathe. The Pew Research Center reports that as much as 81% teens use social media. There are significant pros and cons to social media. For example, the dark side of social media results in cyberbullying which can lead to a host of other negative issues. Compare and contrast some of the psychological aspects (e.g., self-esteem, relational aggression, persuasion, social comparison, etc.) based pros and cons associated with the prolonged use of social media in adolescents and young adults. Are there differences between girls and boys? Do different cultures influence how you view events on social media? Furthermore, do different cultures have different views on the use of social media?support your ideas by citing academic sources such as your textbook, course content, and peer-reviewed articlesAs you complete your essay, address three or more cultural and/or diversity factors that may influence human behavior and decision making related to the presented issue. These factors may include identification with particular cultural groups including, but not limited to:1) racial, cultural or ethnic backgrounds2) religious/spiritual affiliation or value systems3) gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation4) age5) physical ability or attributes6) social class or income7) educational background8) geographic location (consider states, cities/municipalities, globally),9) political affiliation such as identifying with a particular political party (liberal vs. conservative or republican vs. democratInclude at least two references

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