Week 2 Research Topic: Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): Fraudulent Applicati

Week 2 Research Topic: Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): FraudulentApplicationsRequired Submit a six- page paper with examples of the experience by real companiesThe Similary percentage maximun plus the intext citations apply. What am I looking for?This was a hot topic during the pandemic where companies deemed not worthy or did not qualify received funding and used the funds for expenditures not related to the pandemic (fraud). On the other hand some companies used the funds for purposefully qualifying activities and provided assistance to qualified and necessary sectors of communities and their employees. Examples of real companies are required. Similarity percentage limit of 25 % is used for all research papers and case study analyses.This is a direct link to the 25% grade for in-text citations, (Check your similarity percentage when you first submit in Turnit in, and correct. You have three attempts to do this 24 hours before the final submission date and time. Therefore:1. You should not have a similarity score over 25% (This does not mean that your paper is free of the required in-text citaions and excessive direct quotes for papers and articles used in your writing.Credits shoud be given using in-text citations to the original authors and free of direct usage of material from papers.Too many direct quotes although in parentheses reduces the value of your paper since your voice is not hear through parapharasing (using your own words). 2. Your paper will be graded on the 85 points Required: Assignment Template/ RubricSTOP and read. Each Written Assignment (Paper) must conform to this template used with the grading rubric for fair grading.Read before you begin composing your paper. This Template explains the details of your Assignment Submission and grading. Written paper/case study analysis assignments will be evaluated based on the following scale.For all written assignments you must incorporate at least three current sources that provide rationale or support for the topic under discussion. 1) Introduction of case or topic(2) Facts as presented in the case or topic paraphrased for the report(3) A summary of the area of related Taxation topic.(4) Your Detailed Discussion of the case or subtopics(5) A personal conclusion and a. general conclusions. You must provide sound rationale for your arguments.See the Getting Started Tab for a link to Perdue OwlFor proper use of APAUse of proper APA writing style (This means all submission must adhere to the required in text citations and a reference list for all submissions 25%).Case study in- text citations account for 15 %Current articles (at least 3) these articles must be used with examples and rationale throughout the paper and accounts for 6 % (see page 4 of syllabus)Reference list accounts for 4 %Total 25%Subtopics (This means that all assignments must have the required subheadings listed below starting with the introduction).1. Introduction of Topic and Facts as presented in the case (paraphrased 6 points this is not a summary).The discussion of the case is grounded in the facts as presented therefore you must discuss the core of the case with in-text citations.2. A summary of the area(s) of Taxation 4 points)This area must conform to Taxation theory with examples to justify understanding). An area of taxation is your understanding of a description of the topic area such as the tax laws, or rates, which serve as the main points for the topic of taxation. 33. A Detailed Case Discussion 48 Points. Essay responses to all assigned subtopics in the assignment tab are composed in this section with the respective subtopic. In text citations included.4. These are case questions which are to be documented as the subtopic.Subtopic 1 (8 points)Subtopic 2 (8 points)Subtopic 3 (8 points)Subtopic 4 (8 points)Conclusion has two partsa. Personal conclusion to the case (10 points).b. General Conclusion( including in text citations (6 points).Total Paper Grade 85 points.Your recommendations in subtopics 1-4 should include practical rationale and input from the three required additional sources on the week’s topic. After all you are operating in the role of a consultant, hence you are interpreting the issue from the perspective of an independent party. Keep in mind that your recommendations may not be viewed as a mere theoretical approach, but must also integrate application.

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