What are the goals/aims of the theory?

Develop a fact sheet with at least two (2) reputable sources. As you are discussing the theory, please make sure to interpret the information in your own words to demonstrate understanding avoid any issues/concerns with plagiarism.On your fact sheet, provide the following information:Provide a detailed definition of theory. Explain how are theories used in social work practice?Based on the theory selected provide a brief historical backgroundWho is credited with developing the theory?In what area was it developed?For example, was this theory to address issues in the community, mental health?Basic TenetsWhat guides the theory?What are the goals/aims of the theory?How is the theory applied in social work practice?What are some practical ways this theory is used in social work on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels of practiceWhat population is best suited for this theory You may provide concrete examples. Helpful hintsPlease respond to each question in a detailed manner using grammatically correct sentences. Please use a minimum of three academic references (You may check to ensure references are appropriate)APA is requiredPlease include a reference page developed in APA format Make sure to summarize in your own words to avoid concerns with plagiarismPlease use in-text citations when citing your source.Your fact sheet should be two pages long

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