What are the social interests of the client?

Name of client. (Assign a pseudonym.)Client’s age, gender, race, and ethnicity.Physical description of the client. (Gather this through your direct observation.)Contact information. Note: Do not use the actual client contact information for this assignment.Address, telephone number, and e-mail address.Client’s reason for seeking social services.Allow client to share his or her problem.Social engagement.What are the social interests of the client?Spiritual.What is the client’s spiritual affiliation?Client’s family history.Is there a family history of the problem?Does the client receive family support?How many members comprise the immediate or supportive family unit?Cultural Background.Race/Ethnicity.What is the client’s primary language? What is the client’s first language? What other languages does the client use?What is the significance of cultural identity to the client? To the client’s family?What are some of the cultural strengths?What are the experiences of discrimination or oppression experienced by the client or client’s family?Describe any migration experience and analyze the impact that the migration experience may have had on the client or client’s family.Client’s work history.What is the client’s current job and job title?What are the last five jobs and job titles the client has had?Social work theoretical concepts in practice.Explain how the client was selected. Discuss the exchange you had with the site supervisor.Describe the leadership skills you used to conduct the interview.Describe the research sources you used to prepare for the interview.Provide your perspective on the research conducted to best apply ecological systems theory in the client interview.Provide your perspective on the research conducted to best understand and apply strengths-based perspective in the client interview.Provide some ways in which technology might be used to enhance a client interview and advance social work practice. For example, would you be willing to use an online platform if the client is located in a different location than the social worker?Describe how you applied critical thinking and leadership and interpersonal skills to engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate the client. Be specific.Identify how collaboration with clients, colleagues, and identified stakeholders will impact the social and economic well-being of the client.Engage in reflective practice and learning regarding the client interview process.Describe how you felt prior to, during, and after the client interview.Identify and explain one area of improvement you will employ in the next client interview.Identify and describe one area of strength you applied during the client interview.IMPORTANT NOTE:Remember to apply ecological systems theory and the strengths-based perspective to inform the interview process.Include at least five scholarly references to support the use of the theory and perspective in the interview.

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