What kinds of advertising have they implemented thus far?

Advertising Project – (Due by 11:59PM on August 5, 2022)Research and select a non-profit organization that you would like to write an advertisingcampaign for. Below is a rubric to reference for your paper. As a reminder this is a paperformat so, please do not submit the final project in the form of an outline.Your final paper should be no less than 5 pages and should include the appropriate sourcescited at the end of your paper. APA format is recommended but there is some leniency allowedwith the formatting.1. Summary of Organization –o What organization did you choose?o Why did you choose this organization?o What are the organization’s goals?o How did they get started and who do they serve?o What area they based out of?o What kinds of advertising have they implemented thus far?2. Advertising Objectiveo Based on your research – Create 1 advertising objectives you have for youradvertising campaign that you want to implement for the organization?3. Target Audienceo Select the Target Audience for your objectives.o Are there primary or secondary audiences?4. Research Objectiveso Primary Research Source (discuss at least 1 source of information that wouldsupport your advertising strategy recommendations)o Secondary Research Sources (discuss at least 1 source of information that wouldsupport your advertising strategy recommendations)5. Creative Concepto Develop 1 Creative Concepts for your Advertising Campaign. Make sure youinclude specifics about the medium you are choosing and what your vision is.Include a mock-up in the paper.6. Budgeto Assess the cost of advertising program in total and include the breakout amountsper advertising vehicle you intend to use.o Assume you are presenting this to a Board of Directors when you detail out yourbudget items involved in your advertising campaign.7. Timelineo Develop your timeline for implementation. Make sure you are specific.8. Other Promotiono Recommend 2 other forms of promotion to build a strong IMC campaign withyour advertising campaign (Personal Selling, Public Relations, Packaging, SalesPromotion)9. Summaryo Summarize your advertising campaign and the impact you think it will have onthe business.

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