What other people can extend your research in future?

Please help to finish DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION – attached my incomplete report work file.– You can see the separate files for journals, notes– refer to SPSS result finding, no need defination.= Need to verify findings and link with my literure review, research objective in my report.1. DiscussionYou must develop a strong literature review so that you can discuss the things1) Summarise the findings you can use a Table2) Follow the research objectives to discuss the findings, including researchhypotheses or assumptions3) Compare the findings with the literature review and show:Ability to use both secondary and primary data findings in conjunction in the analysis.Being able to reason the similarities and differences between secondary andprimary data.Skills demonstrated in interpreting the resultsDepth and synthesisof the results as opposed to mere reporting.2. Conclusiona)Do you achieve the research objectives that answer the research question?Explain it.b)RecommendationsHow do the findings contribute to:1.Academic aspect2.Managerial aspectc)Key Research limitations, such as sampling bias, respondent/research biases, anylimitations inherent in the nature of the selected research methodd)Future research What other people can extend your research in future?

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