What would you like your students to learn at home to better prepare them for academic success?

Reflection on LearningNow that you have learned more about the benefits and strategies associated with community engagement, take time to reflect on how they impact you and the students at your school.By giving your responses to the questions that follow, you will 1) record what you have learned in this course and 2) provide thoughts about future application at your school to improve student achievement.Compose your responses to the questions below in an APA-formatted paper of 3-5 pages (not including the title and references pages).Include an introduction and conclusion for your paper.Use the topics as subheadings in the paper.Scenario: Imagine yourself sitting down at the end of the day after engaging in a community engagement-related activity. Mentally play the roles of a teacher, a parent, and a school leader as you ponder the activity.Use the guiding questions in each section to stimulate your thinking and guide your writing.Teacher’s PerspectiveWhat would you like your students to learn at home to better prepare them for academic success?How can you work as partners with parents/families to increase student learning?Do you have any resistance to working with parents as partners? If so, from where does the resistance arise, and how can you overcome it?What will you do at the beginning of the next school year to encourage parental involvement in your classroom and school?Parent’s PerspectiveWhat academic goals do parents have for their children?What obstacles or barriers do parents face to school involvement, and how do they deal with the pitfalls?Are parents involved in the classroom or school? Explain.How can parents help increase community participation in classroom and school activities?Leader’s PerspectiveThink about the levels of family and community involvement at your school. What issues have you encountered?How can you build an inclusive school culture that is open and friendly to all stakeholders?What community-based organization(s) can you involve in efforts to improve your school and student academic achievement?How will you ensure that your school complies with federal mandates for parental involvement?

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