Why are these parameters important to the practice of ultrasound?

_____I upload a sample; please do not copy it !!!!! sample essay is already graded! just use it as sample Plagiarism- Answers must be written in your own words! Do not copy and paste from the internet. Your primary source for answers will be your text. You must also put these answers in your own words.Note: Any act of plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment and disciplinary action. —————————————-ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSALL WRITING ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO PASS COURSE All writing assignments are to follow APA format and be typed, double-spaced usingTimes New Roman font 10-12, and include a running header#1 AIUM Practice ParametersResearch the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) Practice Parameters (found at http://www.aium.org/resources/guidelines.aspx). Write and submit a paper describing the purpose of these parameters in ultrasound and how they were developed. Choose one practice parameter listed and explain the AIUM’s guidelines for performing that procedure. Review the following details of your chosen procedure:indicationswritten requestspecifications of the examinationdocumentationequipment specificationsquality control and improvement, safety, infection control, and patient education,ALARA principleWhy are these parameters important to the practice of ultrasound? Explain, in detail, how you see these parameters being used, or not used, in the clinical setting. Do these parameters help you when moving from one facility to another? Do you find, overall, that these are widely practiced by ALL technologists at all facilities? What major differences have you experienced, if any? What other professional organizations offer guidelines for sonographers? How do those guidelines compare to the AIUM’s practice parameters?Criteria for Paper:APA formatMust contain cover page and reference page – not to be included in word count 3. Must utilize at least 2 professional referencesMust be at least 1000 words in lengthMust be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font 10-12, and include a running header

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