Write a 1200-1400 word article on a Biblically-based leadership topic are lead

 Write a 1200-1400 word article on a Biblically-based leadership topic are leaders born or made that HR managers get involved with. Write an article that might be submitted to a publisher.  Please use the attached template for the document. Be careful not to alter the styles while typing.Please use in sentence citations — “According to Jones, (2014) . . .” or parenthetical citations — “Servant leadership focuses on the employee (Bass, 2000)” to show where your ideas came from. Please use italic and quote marks to show a direct quotation of the text from a source –  According to James (2015) “Leadership is about relationships (p. 245).” Be sure to turn italics off after your quote.Please don’t forget to include your short Author’s bio. Since you are writing the article, you are the author. The Author’s bio should be three or four sentences on what you would want the reader to know about you. For example:Captain Jeanne McDonnell (ret.) served on active duty for over 25 years. Assignments included command of Naval Support Activity Norfolk and Transient Personnel Unit Norfolk, and service on the Joint Staff, the Navy Staff, Commander Surface Warfare Atlantic Staff, and Joint Forces Staff College. She currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at Regent University and leads a ministry providing aid to migrant workers. Dr. McDonnell lives in Hampton Roads with her husband and dog.

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