You are going to do a policy analysis. Select any one of the policies from the r

Youare going to do a policy analysis. Select any one of the policies from theresources below OR from the sheet I have attached. You can breeze through thelist of executive orders out of which we make policy and pick one of those. Ifyou click on the link in the chosen policy, it will open on the internet in anew computer tab so that you can look at it. Here is the sheet The topic I chose is : Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel REQUIREMENTS!Here are your paper requirements and a copy of the grading rubric. 1. Use the template. Have a plain cover page – no pictures, please. 2. Select from the list of policies that is in this module. 3. Answer the following (which are also included in the grading rubric below: (a) What is the purpose of the selected health care policy (this was also your Week 8 DB post!) 20%(b) Who is affected by this policy (think big – people, agencies, industries, local, national, global) 20%(c) What are the pros of the policy? (the benefits) 20%(d) What are the cons of the policy (the negatives) 20%(e) A one paragraph summary of the above along with your opinion as to whether the policy has succeeded in its purpose. 10% (f) An APA formatted reference list plus good grammar/spelling and writing 10%

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