You are to interview a professional staff person from the following list. See me

You are to interview a professional staff person from the following list. See me if you have another professional in mind. You will then write a (3) page paper summarizing your interview.Nurse, Social Worker or Bereavement Staff of a Hospice ProgramVeterinarian staff person regarding death and pet lossE.M.T. / Paramedic / Fireman / Police OfficerHospital Emergency Room Nurse, Doctor, or Social WorkerHospital Intensive Care Unit Nurse or Social WorkerHospital Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Nurse or Social WorkerAny Staff Member of an AIDS ProjectStaff at a Skilled Nursing FacilityCancer Center or Oncology Nurse or Social WorkerSocial Worker on a Special Care or Intensive Care Unit for NewbornsDesign your questions to discover and incorporate the following: 1) The philosophy and mission of the organization 2) The interviewee’s belief system and attitudes toward life threatening illness, death and grief 3) The concerns and struggles of the client/patient/family members seen there 4) Benefits for an individual or family being involved with this particular organization or service. 5) In what ways do you think this organization and its services view the experience of dying and death? 6) In what ways does this organization promote death awareness and education to the public?Also include more personal questions of your interviewee such as: 1) What draws you to this type of work? 2) What allows you to handle so much exposure to death/terminal illness? 3) How do you cope? 4) Does your organization offer you support services to help you cope? 5) How are you in your profession perceived by the public? 6) Did you receive training in death/grief education or counseling? Do you have any thoughts about it if you didn’t? 7) What is a typical day like? 8) What is the hardest/most rewarding part of your work? 9) What might be some problems of the organizational system you work for when it comes to dying and death?Lastly, include your own reactions to this interview: Thoughts and feelings (physical and emotional) you may have experienced about going to the particular organization you’ve chosen; about the particular kind of work done at this organization and by your interviewee; any personal experience with this organization’s services; How you view those individuals who choose this type of profession; and how and why you may/may not like doing this kind of work.

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